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Young Writers Program – Writing Volunteers

Our Writing Project Assistants are the backbone of the Young Writers Program! Working with small groups of students, WPAs focus on the elements of good writing, encouraging the writer’s voice to flourish. Working as a Writing Project Assistant is a rewarding opportunity to encourage students to define their thinking through writing.
Here are the essential bits about Writing Project Assistants (WPAs) and projects:

  • Writing Project Assistants work in the classroom on projects directed by the teacher.
  • Projects generally run from four to eight weeks.
  • WPAs are fingerprinted and trained prior to being in the classroom.
  • Training sessions are held throughout the year and provide strategies and skills for many aspects of writing, student behaviors, and skills.

We ask for a commitment of at least 2 hours a week for the duration of a classroom project. Establishing trust and consistency with students is important to their success!

Other Ways to Volunteer

But being in the classroom isn’t the only way you can volunteer. If you have any of the following skills or interests, we’d love your help with the program.

• Editing
• Graphic design
• Fundraising
• Event Planning

Here’s how to get started:

Complete the Volunteer Registration Form.
We’ll generate a referral form for you at the County Office of Education and will be in touch for the remainder of the process.