Teacher and student during a Young Writers Program sessionThe Young Writers Program’s aim is that writing projects engage students and are relevant to their world. Whether you’d like to implement a project you’ve always dreamed of doing but lacked the help, or want to brain-storm ideas to incorporate into your classroom, the first step is to contact program director Julia Chiapella at julia@santacruzwrites.org or 831-466-5810. Projects generally result in a publication but it’s not necessary. The “Menu of Publications” can give you an idea of what the Young Writers Program is able to provide and its cost. While we don’t insist on schools matching the cost suggested in the menu, contributions toward publications are strongly encouraged. This helps sustain the program and ensure other students are able to participate.

Every writing project starts with an orientation meeting. After the teacher and Young Writers Program (YWP) staff have determined the project and its parameters, the teacher and volunteers get together for the first time. Led by the teacher and the Young Writers Program director, the orientation meeting will introduce the project and how it will be implemented. Projects generally begin about a week after the orientation meeting. We are in the process of developing a Teacher’s Handbook. Please check back soon!  >>VIEW RECENT PROJECTS