Dedicated Classroom Project


The Dedicated Classroom Project began in the fallof 2014 at Branciforte Middle School. The Young Writers Program’s Dedicated Writing Room Project takes place in the former metal shop at Branciforte Middle. An open, airy and well-decorated section of the Innovation Center, the Dedicated Writing Room provides students with a space that’s set apart from the typical classroom, one that allows them the space to think and reflect as they attend to the business of writing.
With comfy chairs and home-like design elements, the Dedicated Writing Room is a place students can reflect and create. Each year, the entire 8th grade participates in the Cornerstone Project: completing a piece of fiction or poetry that will be featured in the professionally designed and published book. Each student receives a copy of the book which is also sold at Bookshop Santa Cruz.  

Dedicated Writing Room projects take place at Branciforte Middle School in the following teachers’ classrooms:

Wendy Thompson

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Sara Goldfarb

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